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Renata Souza

Published at 14.12.2021

Company Culture

Welcome Wednesday: Samuel Kretzschmann

This week we welcome the self-described avid gamer and snowboarder, Samuel Kretzschmann. 

Samuel is a Baden-Württemberg native that is super friendly and loves Winter. He is about to start his Bachelor thesis in Computer Science, and just joined anynines as a working student in the a9s CNAD team.

1- We are thrilled you have joined us, Samuel, can you please introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Samuel,  a non-Saarland native, but at this point, I feel at home here.

Winter is the best season, it changed my mood.

2- What does your path look like until now?

I initially started out in primary and middle school, then worked my way up to a good high school degree so I could study Computer Science at a good University.

I ended up at the Saarland University before ultimately transferring to the HTW Saar.

Currently, I am doing my internship at anynines and will start on my bachelor thesis in January.

3- What are you doing when you are not working?

I’m an avid video game enthusiast from single-player games. From RTS to MMORPGS, I’ll give most of it a try.

I also really like watching movies and TV shows, so I guess one could say I like to be lazy in my off time.

In my defence, during the snow season of the year, you might actually catch me outside with a Snowboard in hand.

4- Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in the state Baden-Württemberg to be more specific, from the southern part, called Baden.

5- What would people love about your hometown and why should they go there? 

The Black Forest, who doesn’t enjoy a great view and a really tranquil environment from time to time? And on top of it all, we have great local cuisine!

6- How did you hear about anynines? And what was your motivation for joining us?

Aside from the fact that anynines is operating in an incredibly interesting space of the IT world. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting working students already employed by anynines for a University project. 

We got along really well and I guess it all started from there.

7- What can you tell people who are considering computer science as their path?

For students, I’d say apply earlier rather than later. 

The work experience you gain is incredibly helpful,  you deepen your understanding of what you are being taught in University and learn additional things you might not from just attending classes.

8- What will you tell people who are interested in Tech?

If you like challenges, finding solutions to complex problems and continuously learning new things you should give your own little project a try.

It’s all about starting something and improving it repeatedly.

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