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Renata Souza

Published at 14.01.2022

Cloud Native

Zero to Hero – Book Tips to Start Your Kubernetes Journey

Zero To Hero is a series we started to incentivise people to learn about Kubernetes.

Each part of this series has the intention to help folks from all levels of knowledge, starting with the basics to advanced, learning new stacks and getting deeper in concepts and niches inside the field.

In this article, we start from the very beginning with an introduction to what Kubernetes does and with a list of essentials for you to get started.

We wish you a happy Kubernetes journey!

Table of Contents

An Introduction To Kubernetes

The word Kubernetes comes from the Greek language – κυβερνήτης – meaning pilot or helmsman. This concept is enforced by its logo, a ship steering wheel, which brings the actionable idea of piloting or managing, perfectly illustrating what Kubernetes does by managing containers.  

As mentioned, Kubernetes, also known as K8s, manages containers. So one doesn’t have to go through the trouble of manually doing it, thus abstracting infrastructures such as cluster nodes, storage, and network away from the applications, and the app developers.

Besides that, K8s has various advantages that are big reasons for its increased adoption between corporations in cloud computing. It’s efficient and multi-cloud capable. It allows running your applications as containers, which are more lightweight and easier to manage than VMs, and of course, the huge active community support.

So being in such high demand and still in constant growth, whilst being a niche of technology that has not reached its potential when it comes to the workforce, professionals specialized in K8s are the new unicorns of the tech industry. Like we had not given enough reasons for you to start learning Kubernetes already.

And as we know, the path to learning something new has to have a starting point. This is why we prepared a list of books for you to begin your journey to learn how to pilot through the cloud.

Well, a good start is to check out THE Kubernetes Book, written by Nigel Pouton, it was last updated in April-2021. 

It offers an amazing overview of the subject, the author uses understandable language and is overall well-written, it carries diagrams and examples that help illustrate the inner workings of K8s.

This book was written by Brendan Burns and Joe Beda, who are co-founders and original authors of Kubernetes, and Kelsey Hightower, and is published by O’Reilly, who supports us with giveaways for our contest winners in our Cloud Native Saar Meetups. 

It’s concise and well-constructed, and it works as a great source for beginners to get a primary understanding of the K8s cluster orchestrator and its tools.

Written by Marko Luksa, this book is well recommended for anyone interested in Kubernetes at all levels of knowledge.

It offers the perfect combination of introduction and deep dive into specific topics. KiA examines the resources of the Kubernetes engine in a practical and methodical manner, while still managing to make an easy read.

This book, by authors Onur Ylmaz and Suleyman Akbas, works well as a guide to help develop DevOps skills with Kubernetes.

It brings in an interesting overview of Kubernetes primitives and DevOps concepts, besides assisting the readers in overcoming real-world operational challenges.

This guide was written by Jonathan Baier, Gigi Sayfan, and Jesse White with the purpose to help pave the way to deepen your Kubernetes learning path.

It helps you gain insights into more advanced topics like observability or extending the Kubernetes API with the help of the Kubernetes aggregation Layer. 

And as you progress further, you will be able to get a grip on other different scenarios in troubleshooting through real-experienced examples given by the authors.

anynines also offers a learning program for people interested in learning K8s, you can check out our Training Tutorial.

Now, go get your books and happy learning! 

The story continues

Check out the full series here: K8s: Zero To Hero

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