Version 2.0.1 – Release Notes | a9s Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

We are proud to introduce version 2.0.1 of a9s Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) tile.

It is now compatible with the latest Pivotal Cloud Foundry versions from Pivotal PCF 1.12, PCF 2.0 and PCF 2.1.

With the update of this tile we improved the user experience during the installation process.
There are no additional requirements to other tiles expecting Pivotal Application Services anymore.

New Features

  • Added Service Dashboard that allows the end user to trigger and restore backups itself
  • Added Redis 4.0
  • Within the new version 2.0.1 a9s Redis for PCF tile you can add syslog endpoints to stream the logs of our base components to a given syslog endpoint

Where can I download the a9s Redis for PCF tile?

You Need Help?

For more information about the new version of a9s Redis for PCF feel free to contact our support.

Note that we also provide a free support to get your proof of concept installation running.

Upcoming Features

For the upcoming a9s Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry releases we have planned the following features:

  • Redis major version 5
  • Redis plan updates from single nodes to clustered nodes
  • Instance sharing between spaces
  • Configuration of on premise S3 endpoints for backup
  • Configuration of a default endpoint for syslogs and metrics for the services instances

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