Simplifying The Virtual Experience – Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2020

Simplifying The Virtual Experience – Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2020

Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2020 took place on June 24th and 25th. We hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we did.  

This year, Cloud Foundry Foundation created a whole new experience for the community. 

A Virtual Summit 

We had the opportunity to attend the Summit and sponsor it, as we believe in the power of community and supporting each other.

Although we missed seeing the Cloud Foundry community in person at this Summit, meeting all enthusiasts in a virtual way was a great experience. 

Despite all the differences between an event and a virtual summit, Cloud Foundry Foundation prepared a very similar environment for attending talks, visiting booths and networking with MeetingPlay platform. 

Keep reading, we have gathered some tips to simplify your virtual event experience …

Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2020

The virtual platform went online on Wednesday June 24th, 9:00 am (CDT UTC -5), at the time it was supposed to take place in Austin / Texas. 


The Summit started with a Welcome & Opening Remarks, hosted by Chip Childers, Cloud Foundry Foundation Executive Director. 

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has launched Cloud Foundry for Kubernetes (cf-for-k8s), a more ambitious effort to replace the underpinnings of the PaaS environment with a Kubernetes foundation. [1] 

Some highlights of Chip Childers’ talk: 

  • Most of the organizations that have adopted the Cloud Foundry PaaS are already fairly advanced when it comes to implementing best DevOps practices. [1]
  • It’s now clear Kubernetes will mature to the level required to support an enterprise-class application development environment.[1]
  • “KubeCF and cf-for-k8s teams are collaborating actively and frequently. They did start with different perspectives, but they’re very complimentary.”
  • “The important release of Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI v7), “You get more capabilities, more granular control” — with some of the “same simplicity” of past versions.”

Cloud Foundry Community’s Inspirational User award

The Cloud Foundry Foundation relies on the community and contributors to maintain the health of CF projects. 

In 2018, CFF decided to start an official award for recognizing the efforts of its community. 

This year Andy Paine, Platform Engineer at EngineerBetter, won the Cloud Foundry Community’s Inspirational User award. Congrats! 

The Virtual Experience

Many Conferences have gone virtual due to safety concerns. Imagine the world after the current situation, people may like to continue with virtual events as they can gain lots of benefits. Such as:

  • Join the event from anywhere in the world
  • Join the event with any device you want
  • Save all contact information as fast as possible
  • Save a lot of trees (No paper brochures) 
  • Save Time (No travelling needed)
  • Save budget (No travelling needed)

Cloud Foundry Summit was a good starting point, and prepared us for upcoming virtual conferences and summits.

Preparation for a virtual conference

According to your attendance status, you will have different preparation phases: 

  • As an attendee, you will receive information about the virtual event platform and how to join the conference and different sessions
    • You can prepare your personal information for your profile (if you like)
  • As a sponsor, you will receive information about the virtual exhibition platforms. You will receive a list and guideline for marketing elements and content (visual and written) to prepare, such as:
    • Exhibition Hall Logo
    • Description 
    • Products and Services Information
    • Introduction Video 
    • Brochures 
    • Online Giveaways

Tips for Exhibitors

The virtual event may seem different, but it’s completely the same. We prepare all marketing elements for an event.

In a virtual event, no physical assets needed. Instead of sending elements to publications, we have a platform to upload them. 

Here are some tips to simplify your experience:

  • Gather visual elements requirements (File format, dimensions & size) as the first step 
  • Gather content limits (Number of characters) 
  • Be in touch with organizing team
  • Think world wide (Attendees can join from anywhere in the world) 

Tips for Attendees 

First of all, meet us at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2020. We are anynines, anytime, anywhere. 

We have some tips for you to make the best out of your attendance: 

  • Take a look at sponsors and exhibitors website before the event
  • Make sure you have enough beverages and snacks beside you 
  • Feel free to ask any questions
  • Get in touch with as many people as possible
  • Save contact information as fast as possible
  • Keep open your contact application and/or LinkedIn
  • Have fun meeting new people / old friends virtually 

For any further information, visit our website or contact us

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you. 


[1] Cloud Foundry Foundation Updates CLI to Extend DevOps Processes

[2] Top Quotes from Cloud Foundry Summit North America 2020

[3] How to Make Your Developer Experience Immune to the COVID-19 Crisis

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