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When to Choose Cloud Foundry over Kubernetes

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Kubernetes (K8s) is a fascinating piece of technology. It can run a variety of different workloads. However, Kubernetes is not the only option. A closer look at Cloud Foundry (CF) will reveal that for several use cases, a Cloud Foundry environment may be preferred over Kubernetes. This article highlights Cloud Foundry for VMs (BOSH), in… Read more »

Beyond 1000 BOSH Deployments

Article Header Image Beyond 1000 BOSH Deployments by Sven Schmidt

Maybe you heard about my talk on the Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2019. This is a written down version without additional information so you can watch the video at the end of this article if you prefer without missing out.

Using BOSH multi-CPI feature to deploy to different IaaS

Using BOSH multi-CPI feature to deploy to different IaaS | Benjamin Guttman - DevOps anynines Blogpost Header Image

Introduction We have a vSphere installation with two data centers and thought about the possibility of adding a third availability zone without requiring an additional DC for a while. Therefore we thought about the option to move the third availability zone to AWS. With the multi-CPI feature introduced in BOSH version v261+, the initial blocker… Read more »